LORI PATRICK 'world traveler'

    Where does it come from?

    This need to explore, meet people in lands far away from home.

    Traveling in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Some call it Wanderlust.


    My story of the need to explore horizons and create living adventures across the globe to share with others started at conception. My parents were living in Thailand when I was conceived and then while in my Mom's bellly we flew to Honolulu, Hawaii where she would give birth to her only baby girl out of three children. We would live there for 5 years.


    My Dad was a career Air Force Veteran and we lived in many places. Growing up, I was in a different school building every year, constantly needing to meet new people. Feeling vulnerable as the new kid, every single time. Knowing we would be moving on again. This armed services life was a commitment not only for my father, but the whole family as Mom would pack us up and set up residence over and over again. My brothers and I would say goodbye to friends and off we went.


    This lifestyle set me up to be able to navigate through new spaces. Easily make new friends in meaningful relationships.

    I learned not to take things for granted and enjoy the beauty of surroundings or have great empathy when they are not so pleasant. I learned to survive in so many ways.


    Luckily when my Dad retired, we had a life of living near woods, they introduced me to camping and national parks. I have a great fondness for these spaces.


    Traveling the world is something I need in life just as much as the air we breathe.

    The things that traveling has taught me makes a life fulfilled, it has changed my perspectives every time.


    As a photographer and a trainer of the subject I decided in 2015 to bring along others on these adventures.

    And so in 2018 Photocoteries was born. I cherish each adventure and the relationships built, whether with my fellow travelers or our hosts in other countries. I could not do this without these special people.


    I already have a World Map hung in my Grand-Babies Sky and Chloe's bedroom to share this love of travel culture with them

    This is the legacy I will leave to them.



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    Central havana, cuba


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