• Photocoteries

    guided by LORI PATRICK

    (n.) coterie: an intimate and often exclusive

    group of persons with a unifying

    common interest or purpose.


    Lori Patrick is your host on adventures of a lifetime with like-minded artists,

    all while coaching your practice along the journey.

    "Your next body of work is here, let me help you find it" ...

    **No worries if you are not a pro photographer, take immersive pictures with your mobile device!

    Local guides expertly show us the way!  

  • Got Wanderlust?

    PhotoCoteries will get you traveling

    while learning new skills a

    s a lifestyle photographer.

     Let's go somewhere and create images that just won't quit ... together.

    *Destination Diary Portraits included on any tour.


    Are We There Yet?

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    Next tour is in November...details soon]

    Havana Exploration Tour

    We Are Traveling JANUARY 10, 2024

    We're going to the land frozen in time on a photographer's journey. Living and touring Central Havana culture while discovering it's little secrets

    along the way including cigar rolling process,

    art spaces and a spa day.

    Destination Diaries along the way

    photographed by Lori Patrick. 

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    Splendor of Morocco Tour

    We Are Traveling JUNE 3, 2023

    If majesty had a destination, it would belong to Morocco and the craftsmanship that can be explored on every turn. Whether we are walking through a Medina or dining in fabulous restaurants, we will go home with pictures created there that will remind you of this adventure of a lifetime.

    This tour offers your own Destination Diary along the way photographed by Lori Patrick in simply amazing Morocco.

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    The Castle Countryside Tour :

    *date to be announced

    We will lodge in 4 different castles while touring the countryside in cars, stopping along the way to enjoy Emerald Isle's

    beauty and it's people.

    THIS is the way to see Ireland!

    Lori is offering you styled portrait sessions

    at each castle. Couples or Solo Travelers.

    Destination Diaries along the way.


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  • in memory


    “ Travel isn’t always pretty.
    It isn’t always comfortable.
    Sometimes it hurts,
    it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay.
    The journey changes you, it should change you.
    It leaves marks on your memory, on your
    consciousness, on your heart, and on your body.
    You take something with you.
    Hopefully, you leave something good behind. ”

    _ Anthony Bourdain

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