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"One must visit Havana to understand the past" _Lori Patrick

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My admiration of Cuba began years ago as a young girl. Fascination over the images I would view made me wonder what it would be like to visit this place. Only 90 miles over the ocean waters from the United States it seemed reachable to explore. And so, in 2017 I had the opportunity. I was offered a commission to photograph a calender called "Natura". I gladly said yes and embarked on my first visit. Seeing this place with a photographer's eye, made the colors brighter, the architecture more poignant even if it was in ruins. The taxi cars were exactly as depicted. But it was the people... they were the gems and whether they were interacting by arguing over baseball scores, celebrating the day through music, working in their daily lives or exhibiting hospitality I knew I would return with photographers. Therefore I took it all in, especially the art, wow is it different and refreshing to see.

I did return in 2018 on my first cultural tour with 5 photographers as I taught a morning photography class and was hosted by Mike and Urszula. We stayed in Vedado, a place near the Malecon off the beaten path of Central Havana. I invited 3 Cuban student photographers to learn with me as well with free tuition.

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Immediately I started visualizing my own tour on my way home. A tour by a photographer for photographers in a way that only we envision surrounding spaces. Understanding what this means I designed a tour desined to be my first PhotoCoterie based in Central Havana. I was ready to publish this in 2020 and as I was prepping the website, well Covid hit and so it would wait. I would dream up more places and even did a tour to Morocco. There were hardships in Cuba as well, I wasn't ready to return. But then, as I speak with friends, I know there is a need to return. I know that we can leave Cuba better than we found it and we can share with the world imagery made there that will leave an impact.


images by Lori Patrick

We will visit unforgettable places.

I am only inviting 2 to 3 photographers on this exploratory tour. The itinerary will be announced by the day and will have several surprises during our time in Havana. In the Traveler Portal for confirmed travelers you will find more description of where we shall visit. In the meantime, trust me on this.


Your single person accomodations are lovely rooms with double beds and private bathrooms en suite.
Mid day we will stop back for a refresh period before venturing back out.


*INCLUDED: Accomodations ... All Transportation within CUBA ... Local Guides ... Water for Rooms ... Breakfast ... Entry Fees ... Some Meals ... Spa Day Credit ... Referral Discount ... Private Traveler Portal with excellent advice and more information.


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*NOT INCLUDED: Airfare ... Some Meals ... Cocktails ... Travel Insurance


INTRODUCTORY INVESTMENT: $1800 (discounted, next tour is $2100)
*See shopping cart for savings if traveling as a couple. (click book travel) available to book on October 4, 2023

images by Lori Patrick

Once you have booked your travel, contact me at checkout via the message system and connect to the Traveler Portal for many more details concerning the trip, including customs information, currency exchange, flight suggestions, more itinirary detail, what to bring and much more.

I will text to see when I can call you for a quick hello!!

I cannot wait to travel with you and guide this cultural trip to Havana, CUBA.

Lori Patrick

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