" THIS I can tell you from experience ... MOROCCO will capture your heart,

but you won't realize it until you are leaving." _ Lori Patrick



"THIS I can tell you from experience ... Morocco will capture your heart.
But you won't realize it until you are leaving." _Lori Patrick

The truth is, as I was leaving in the cab to go to the airport and after 15 days living the Moroccan culture and drinking it all in, tears were coming down my face as I stared out the window. I simply wasn't ready to go back to the comfort of home, I needed more time to engrain what felt exotic, strange, familiar, tasty, interesting.

Immediately dreaming of bringing photographers to this place, even if their camera of choice is their 'phone' I set out to create an itinerary worthy of their time and experience. I found our lodging for this trip upon a partial day of exploring on my own. You see, I went to Morocco the first time to photograph a calendar named 'Natura' 2023. My dear friend Urszula Abolik and producer of the calendar introduced me to people I now call friends along with helping me understand the extraordinary land. For a full year I have studied and received advice from others for the return.

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So now I present our Photographer Cultural Tour ITINERARY! 

(Other traveling details will be created in blog posts right here under the Morocco tab.)

Keep in mind this itinerary does not reflect everything we will do. I have linked most places of interest to Wikipedia articles so you can learn much more before arriving. (good reading for flight)

Your single person accommodations are lovely rooms with double beds and private bathrooms.
Mid day we will stop back for a refresh period before venturing back out.

Throughout our touring Lori will introduce pop-up local models to photograph lifestyle portraits with.

Much of our time will be spent in the culture of authentic Moroccan meals, snacks and nightcaps. We will start every day with a beautiful breakfast in our Riad home. The restaurants we visit will leave you dazzled. The culture is DIVINE!

Included all entry fees, accomodations, travel within Morocco, breakfast, some lunches.

DAY 1 (Sat June 3)

It's travel day! Plan flight for June 3 or 4.

FYI most flights in certain time zones will have you arriving (next day) Therefore, you can choose based on best flight plans to join us on land in Marrakech on June 4 or June 5. Lori has added a bonus day at end of trip to accomodate day later travelers and be sure you don't miss the good stuff! (originally 8 day trip) This itinerary is based as though you are arriving on June 4. BonVoyage!


DAY 2 (Sun June 4)

You will be picked up at the RAK airport by our driver for a 20 minute drive to the heart of Marrakech and escorted to the door of our well appointed Riad. Once there, you will take some time to unpack and unwind. We will go out into the medina to get familiar with our surroundings and check out shoppes, exchange currency, take in the lifestyle. We will visit Le Jardin Secret and House of Photography and some rooftop snacking to fill our senses. For dinnertime, we will take an authentic Moroccan cuisine cooking class and share some wine. We will meet a male model and make photographs with him in the souk.

DAY 3 (Mon June 5)

We will be taking a walking tour with a historical and cultural guide through the many landmarks and scenes of Marrakech. Some of the places we will visit are Saadian Tombs, Koutoubia Mosque, Bahia Palace, Jemaa el-Fna Square and more. Free time in the afternoon. This is a GREAT time to do some shopping. So much to see in the souk. Pair up or all will go together. (bring your camera)

DAY 4 (Tue June 6)

Jardin Marjorelle with the YVES SAINT LAURENT museum included in the morning and after lunch we will dress in traditional clothing (Jilbab and Saharan scarf) for our Palm Grove tour as we trek with a dromedary camel through authentic villages and oasis-like landscape. We will visit an authentic Berber home for a mint tea break. Back to the medina and off to a traditional Hamman spa. This is a great place for portraits!

DAY 5 (Wed June 7)

We will visit Menara Gardens and Lori will be photographing you in a beautiful Moroccan Djellaba or something you shopped for. We will also visit the famous La Mamounia Hotel. Next, we will have lunch and whisked away for a surprise. Let's just say you will feel like Alice in Wonderland. (bring your camera)

DAY 6 (Thurs June 8)

Full day tour to the gorgeous Agidar Beach with stops at several places of great interest. On the tour we will visit a UNESCO Cultural Heritage women's cooperative where they press and process argan oil, a national treasure.This will warm your heart. Lori will answer questions about photography to help tutor you if wanted.

DAY 7 (Fri June 9)

We move to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Ourika Valley home of the indiginous Berber culture with 16th and 17th century villages thoughout for 3 nights in a luxurious villa that offers a spa, gorgeous pool, yoga, lovely architecture, beautiful scenery and gathering spaces indoors and out. (see some photos below) Even though we will find it hard to leave, we have lot's to discover. In the valley we will be hiking up a mountain of unexpected treasures. We'll visit a Berber home for mint tea and dine on the river (quite literally) Save some of your shopping budget and suitcase room for here, I bought a 4x6 rug last time I was in the region!! You will find so many photo worthy scenes, it's more than you imagine.

DAY 8 (Sat June 10)

Today we will be taking some well deserved time of relaxation by the pool, in the spa or whatever your heart desires at the Villa. Lori will be photographing you again on this trip as part of your Destination Diary. This place is so beautiful, I chose it for the setting as our studio away from home.

DAY 9 (Sun June 11) Now that we are refreshed we will take another hike in Setti Fatma, home of 7 Waterfalls. We are going to go to a Berber Village to see the wonders of history in real time. Then we will dine again on a leisurely lunch on the river. And back to the Villa for more time to enjoy the property and prepare for our journey back home. I adore the video below.


DAY 10 (Mon June 12)

This is the day we will be transported to the airport for our flights back home while we leave a piece of our heart's behind. If your flight is later in the day, we will enjoy the property and a long breakfast together.

**Keep in mind, you can make decisions to experience all itinerary offerings or if you need a break and some free time, just let Lori know a day in advance so reservations can be properly made or adjusted.

A peek of our Villa in Ourika Valley.

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*INCLUDED: Accomodations ... All Transportation within Morocco ... Water for Rooms ... Breakfast ... Entry Fees ... Some Meals ... Spa Day ... Referral Discount ... Traveler Portal with excellent advice and more information.


*NOT INCLUDED: Airfare ... Some Meals ... Cocktails ... Travel Insurance


*See shopping cart for savings if traveling as a couple. (click book travel)



Once you have booked your travel, contact me at checkout via the message system and connect to the Traveler Portal for details concerning the trip, including customs information, flight suggestions, what to bring and much more.

I will text to see when I can call you for a quick hello!!

I cannot wait to travel with you and guide this beautiful trip to Morocco.

As-salaam Alaykum,
Lori Patrick